Beekeeping Equipment Sales

Welcome to Turnview Farm. We sell beekeeping equipment to compliment our honey

and bee sales. Just call us with your needs. We are here to help.

Store Hours

Our honey store is open, sun up to sun down. 7 days a week.

Our beekeeping equipment store is open, most of the time when

were not in our bee yards. Please call ahead , I’ll make sure I am

there. Rarely, are we not home in the evenings. You are always welcome

to stop in.



All your equipment needs are available at Turnview Farm.

All your honey house equipment needs.

Treatments available to keep your bees healthy.

A beautiful Garden Hive in cedar. It will last a long time.

We provide all your hive needs to get going.

Call or Text me with your questions at 705-627-3378

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