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Everyone loves fresh honey, so good, so tasteful. The best flavored honey starts right here in the bee yard. These hives are building up rapidly, it is the middle of May. Soon the nectar flow will begin.


Our Raw, unpasteurized honey products include:

Liquid Wildflower and Clover Honey; 3 kg, 1 kg, 500 gram, 330 gram

Creamed Honey; 2 Kg, 1 kg.

Buckwheat Honey; 3 kg, 1 kg, 500 gram

Bulk honey, we can fill your containers

Cut comb honey

Raw bees wax


Bee Pollen

Propolis, raw

Buckwheat Honey, grown in our own fields. Yes, this is buckwheat, and this is my wife and my Partner, Emily.



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